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Welcome to our new website

Posted On: 21 Feb 2023 by Helen Ramagge

New website

Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website, we hope you have found it easy to navigate and that the information and links provided are helpful. We would love to receive feedback from you and will try and take on board any suggetsions that you may have.

We are also introducing a new Timed Auction this month to run alongside our General Auction, this is an online only auction, please follow the links for further information.

Our online shop is now for Lots that haven't sold in the Auction or the Timed Auction only, if you would like to sell an item in the Timed Auction (as you may have done in our old shop), please follow the link in the Timed Auction page. 

If you buy something in the online shop the payment system will be slightly different, you will receive an email from us to confirm your purchase and this will provide information on payment.