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Sale of Ivory

Posted On: 02 Jun 2023 by Helen Ramagge

This Auction we have a few ivory pieces for sale and you will notice that we have included a Submission Reference number in the Lot description. Following on from the Ivory Act of 2018 new Government regulations dated 6 June 2022 mean that if you intend to sell ivory, it must fall below 10% of the total volume or within the approved exempt list and also be registered or certified as exempt. If the item is to be exported, you will need to check if an export permit is required. Currently the cost to apply for exemption is £20 and you will need to provide photos, a description and declare that your item meets the relevant exemption criteria, failure to do this may lead to a significant fine. Full information can be found on the gov.uk/guidance/declare-ivory-you-intend-to-sell-or-hire-out site. The new legislation has had an impact on ivory sales and in many cases, it is not worth paying for the exemption. It is not illegal to own ivory and our advice would be to keep it, give it away as a gift or leave it to someone in your will.

Sale of Ivory