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Posted On: 03 Jul 2023 by Helen Ramagge

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse...................



REDUCE - Items bought and sold at auction are not only good value but also another way to reduce landfill. Brown furniture has been out of fashion for some time and can be bought at bargain prices. Unlike a lot of modern furniture, old furniture is good quality and has been built to last. Although many would say it is a crime to paint or adapt a piece, a new look can transform it into something more suitable to a modern lifestyle.
RECYCLE – At the moment you can buy a set of 6 chairs for around £50 or less, now is the time to buy. A piece of new fabric, repolish or paint can transform a look, take it one step further and buy something that you can use in a reupholstery course near to you and at the same time support your local artisans.
REUSE – There are some beautiful dinner services, tea sets, glasses, decanters and flatware services that are just waiting to grace a table for a special occasion, wedding, party of even a fancy picnic.
We always have pieces of jewellery, silver, pictures and ornaments that make beautiful and unique gifts.
Please have a look at our website where you will be able to see the Lots we have in our General and Antique Auction taking place on Saturday 8th July and our Timed Auction ending on Sunday 9th July. Full information on how to bid is on the website.
We also have an Online Shop which will be live on Wednesday 12th July for unsold Auction Lots. There is NO commission to pay on the online Shop, the price you see is the price you pay.
We are now taking in items for our next Auction, verbal and emailed valuations are free and you can either send a request with photos via our website or give us a call and we would love to help you.